Monday, July 27, 2015

Cherry Lemonade

It's cherry season, and we're inundated with my favorite fruit: Door County tart cherries. Here's something I threw together while pitting three grocery bags full of them:


  • Two cups pitted tart cherries, fresh or frozen
  • One cup of lemon juice (This was about five large lemons for me)
  • One cup of sugar (or a cup-for-cup substitute), to taste
  • Eight cups of water
Use a blender to puree the cherries, then run the result through a fine strainer. You can use the strainer again for the lemon juice if you don't want pulp in the final product.

In a large pitcher, combine the strained cherry puree, lemon juice, water, and finally the sugar, and stir until combined. This mixture will settle a bit in the fridge but usually recombines with a good stir or shake.